Our hometown is very popular with tourists and shoppers and there is plenty to see and do while you are here. Many of our customers plan to stay a few more days so they can relax and do some sightseeing, we suggest you also stay and enjoy Chiang Mai.

Doi Suthep Temple, Chiang Mai.Northern Thailand has its own unique Thai culture and laid back charm and Chiang Mai is a comfortable city with many tourist services to cater for you. While you are here you will be impressed by our history which goes back for seven centuries and can be seen in the many ancient temples, ruins, city gates and the famous moat which surrounds the old town. Then there is the tasty Thai food, our friendly and welcoming Northern Thai people and the special natural environment of the mountains and national parks near the city.

Why not take a break from your shopping to visit the incredible Buddhist mountain top temple of Doi Suithep, or ride an elephant at the beautiful Mae Sa valley where there are amazing waterfalls, a botanical garden and other attractions. When you return in the evening we very much recommend you attend a khantoke dinner where you can experience Thai cultural dancing and music set in a traditional teak mansion, and eat Northern Food from floor tables.

After your day of shopping we can arrange for you to go for a relaxing Thai massage - an ancient art passed down through many generations, or recommend some good restaurants. You might also want to visit the famous night market and pick up some souvenirs for your family and friends.

Here are some links to further information on visiting Chiang Mai.

Hotels and guest houses

Fountains in the moats around Chiang Mai old city.Chiang Mai is a tourist town and has many hotels and guest houses for all budgets, ranging from $20 a night to luxurious 5-star Thai-styled resorts. Booking online is the best and most convenient way to secure a reservation at agency rates and we suggest you choose from the wide selection of Chiang Mai hotels listed here.

Restaurants and bars

Thai people love food and Chiang Mai has endless restaurants with every type of world food. They are very good value and you can choose from a roadside noodle shop or exclusive riverside French or Italian restaurant. We all like to enjoy ourselves here and Chiang Mai people are often out at night having a drink, singing Karaoke or meeting new people. Here are some recommended bars and restaurants.


There is plenty to see in Chiang Mai, from waterfalls to ancient ruins and many interesting every-day characteristics of Asian lifestyle in-between. Either you can hire a bike and find your way around this small city, or take a guides tour to some of the hidden attractions. Find out more about Chiang Mai here.


It is much easier to get around Chiang Mai than Bangkok, and our city also has good links with the rest of Asia. You can fly directly here from Bangkok, Phuket, Samui and Singapore with budget flights that are very cheap.There are also several trains and buses every day from Bangkok but they take 8 hours or more. Inside the city you can hire a car or little motorbike or flag down a famous Thai Tuk Tuk. There are also buses and many 'Songteaw' red- mini buses. It's also possible to walk in the city centre. More on transport in transport in Chiang Mai.