Sawadee Jao,

  You are most welcome to visit my hometown of Chiang Mai. If you are interested in shopping for bulk orders to stock your shop or furnish your home I can help you make the most of your shopping trip.

Umbrella paintingI have worked with the suppliers for more than 10 years, building trusting relationships with only the most reliable people who sell quality products. We have worked with many foreigners in the past, and we understand their demands, their expectations and time scales. I should know, I am married to a European!

Together with my assistant Jay Jay, we will be happy to spend the day taking you to a range of shops that sell the products you are looking for, and help you make the orders.

How we work

Umbrellas at a market.We like to take care of you from the moment you arrive at the airport, but you are welcome to make your own arrangements and our day together starts with us picking you up from your hotel room. In our comfortable new vehicle, we head for the artisan villages of Baan Tawai (in my home suburb of Hang Dong ), San Khampeng and Borsang and return when you've had enough. Leave it up to us to negotiate in the Northern Thai dialect to secure you the best prices. You'll need an experienced bargainer to achieve a good price here in Asia, and we have plenty of skill with this, often knocking the price down by 50%.

The cost of your personal shopping tour is 1,500-2,000 baht per day, which includes petrol and the vehicle.

Once we've finished and you've picked up samples, we can handle all your orders, packaging, shipping and re-orders after you have returned home.

Agent Fees

We have an ethical and open policy about the price - what we negotiate on your behalf is the price you pay. The supplier will give you a quote/receipt and we can handle the money transfer, shipping/packing fees and paperwork.

This saves you a lot of headache and our standard agreement for this handling service is between 5 and 10% (depending on the size of your order). Some of our customers prefer to use our tour for a day and then return on their own to seal the order. This is up to you, but we do suggest that you leave it to us experts to save you time and money. With the language barriers and usual red tape all sorts of things can go wrong. If in doubt, why not set aside a day of your own to do some price comparisons and 'window' shopping.