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Inspired by the desire to reduce the amount of chemicals used in the beauty business and to promote the return to natural products that promote health, Ampai Sheehan opened the Siam Spa, Health and Beauty Company, Limited in 2002. She wished to use scientific and technological knowledge in conjunction with local traditional wisdom so as to help people in general to pay more attention to their health and beauty.

Ampai Sheehan was awarded a Royal Award for an Outstanding Vocational Institute in 1998; her beauty institute was selected by the Ministry of Education as a high standard vocational institute in 2001; in 2003-2004 she was selected as an outstanding teacher and administrator by the Vocational School Association; she has published books such as A Manual for Spa Business Management and Vocational Knowledge for Health and Beauty.

Khun Ampai has worked as a consultant for spa businesses both domestically and internationally. In 2004 she was instrumental committee in setting up the Thai Lanna Spa Association.